Confirmed Stolen

Welcome to, your go-to platform for verified information on stolen property. Our mission is clear: to provide a comprehensive listing of items that have been officially confirmed as stolen from their rightful owners. Whether it’s stolen vehicles, compromised social media accounts, or stolen domain names, we aim to be the source you can trust.

Our straightforward listing process is designed with you in mind. If you’ve fallen victim to theft, simply notify us with the details of your stolen property along with the necessary verification. We understand the importance of accurate information, and we strive to ensure that only confirmed cases are featured on our platform.


It’s important to note that while we are a valuable resource for reporting and accessing information on confirmed stolen property, we are not law enforcement, and we do not conduct investigations into stolen property cases. Our role is to facilitate the sharing of verified information and contribute to the recovery process. At, transparency is key. In the event that a stolen item is successfully recovered, we make every effort to update our listings promptly, indicating that the property has been reclaimed. Trust us to be your reliable resource for staying informed about confirmed stolen property and contributing to the recovery process.

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