About Us

About ConfirmedStolen.com

Welcome to ConfirmedStolen.com, the trusted platform born out of frustration with the lack of resources on the internet to verify the status of stolen property. Our journey started with a simple idea: create a space where individuals can easily check if certain property, starting with domain names, has been officially confirmed as stolen. Now, we’re expanding our reach to include vehicles and various other stolen property, establishing ourselves as your go-to source for verified information.

Our Mission

At ConfirmedStolen.com, our mission is crystal clear – to provide a comprehensive listing of items officially confirmed as stolen from their rightful owners. Whether it’s a stolen vehicle, compromised social media account, or pilfered domain name, we aim to be the reliable resource you can trust to stay informed and contribute to the recovery process.

User-Centric Listing Process

Our user-friendly listing process is designed with you in mind. If you’ve been a victim of theft, simply notify us with the details of your stolen property along with the necessary verification. We understand the value of accurate information, and we are dedicated to ensuring that only confirmed cases are featured on our platform.

Not Law Enforcement, but Your Ally

While we serve as a valuable resource for reporting and accessing information on confirmed stolen property, it’s important to note that we are not law enforcement officers. We don’t conduct investigations into stolen property cases. Instead, our role is to facilitate the sharing of verified information and contribute to the recovery process. Transparency is a key principle at ConfirmedStolen.com.

Contributing to Recovery

In the spirit of transparency, when a stolen item is successfully recovered, we make every effort to promptly update our listings. This ensures that users are informed about the reclaimed property. Trust ConfirmedStolen.com to be your reliable ally in staying informed about confirmed stolen property and actively participating in the recovery process.

Thank you for choosing ConfirmedStolen.com – where trust, transparency, and recovery come together.

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